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BROWN Purse & Bag Straps | 34 - 56 Inch Crossbody purse straps

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Adjustable purse strap in a trending earthy brown color.

This bag strap is sooo easy to use and switch from purse to purse! It can be adjusted to a shoulder bag purse strap length or a crossbody bag strap length.

Personalize your purse with this earth tone bag strap. This amazing, versatile purse strap matches perfectly with Crossbody Bags! Elevate your look and be ready to tell people what a deal you got on this cute, high-quality purse strap!

  • 1.5" Wide
  • 34" - 56" Long (88-145cm) (Adjustable length)
  • Durable, gold-toned clips
  • Imported
  • Cotton
  • Clasps are Iron

  • Ships from California
  • Most purse straps ship out within 1-2 days of your order

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