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Plague Doctor Enamel Pin

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Introducing our Plague Doctor Enamel Pin, a mesmerizing and hauntingly beautiful accessory that encapsulates the mystique and enigma of the medieval era. Inspired by the iconic plague doctors of the past, this pin serves as both a captivating homage and an exquisite fashion statement.

Crafted with utmost attention to detail, this enamel pin showcases a gorgeously rendered depiction of the fabled plague doctor's mask. With its elongated beak, reminiscent of birds of prey, the mask exudes an air of intrigue and allure. The deep, lustrous black enamel forms a striking contrast against the mesmerizing silver tone and white beak, making it truly eye-catching when worn on any outfit.

With a secure butterfly clasp on the back, it can easily be fastened to your favorite jacket lapel, tote bag, or even a wide-brimmed hat, making it a versatile accessory for both men and women.

The Plague Doctor Enamel Pin is not only a fantastic addition to any personal collection of pins and brooches but also a thought-provoking and conversation-starting statement piece. Perfect as a gift for history enthusiasts, fashion connoisseurs, or anyone captivated by the mysticism of the past, it offers a unique way to showcase individuality and style.

Made of: Platinum Alloy

Colors: Black, white, silver

Size: about 1.08 inch (27.5mm) wide, 1.22 inch (31mm) long, 0.06 inch (1.5mm) thick, pin: 0.04 inch (1mm).

Ships from California.