Why Do We Love Skunks?

Why Do We Love Skunks?

Beneficial Skunks

One of the things we love best about skunks is that they are beneficial to gardeners, farmers and even to homeowners because the eat a large number of garden pests including grubs. Digging is one of their primary ways of finding food.

Skunks also eat small animals including mice, rats, moles, voles, and birds. Yes, skunks can be stinky at times, but having skunks around taking care of any rodent population is a good thing.

The truth is, skunks eat just about anything. They are omnivores and will eat insects, nuts, berries, mushrooms, eggs, and frogs among many other things.

Adorable Skunks

Skunks are about the size of a cat, and their high-contrast fur and bushy tail, make them so adorable. This is why we love looking at images of these cute furry creatures.

Warning Before Spraying

We love that skunks will warn you before spraying. They usually will only spray if they are scared, feel threatened, or are protecting their young. But before spraying, they will stomp their front feet, they might hiss, and sometimes they'll raise their tail or make short forward charges to let you know that if you don't back off, the next action is they'll spray you. Skunks usually give plenty of warning, and if heeded, you can avoid being sprayed.

Black and White Inspiration

Did you know that not all skunks are black and white?

When we think of skunks, we usually picture little black mammals with white stripes and a big fluffy tail. But skunks come in a variety of colors including brown, cream and even ginger colored. No matter what the color, all of them have "warning coloration" which is high contrast to warn predators away. Some skunks even have spots, in the case of the spotted skunk.

We love the classic black and white skunk when searching for inspiration for our handbag and shoe designs. The striped animal goes so well with out circus-themed black and white striped, checkered or harlequin patterns.

Black white skunk handbag

Do you love skunks?

If you love skunks and want to celebrate how adorable they are, take a look at our skunk collection so you can accessorize and uplevel your outfits with these unique purses, shoes, sandals and more.
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